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Strategize . . . Organize . . .  Globalize!

The “Blue Eagle Global” membership opens new horizons to any entrepreneur to become a member of the prestigious "United States Foreign Trade Institute" at a nominal fee compared to the traditional cost of the worldwide "Golden Eagle" membership status. 


The Golden Eagle membership for $25,000 is designed for large corporations and institutions. Seeing a need for business entrepreneurs at other levels to participate in selected benefits the Institute provides, we are now pleased to present to the individual entrepreneur the “Blue Eagle Global” membership for a nominal fee of $2,000 annually. 

The “Blue Eagle Global” category will offer members the opportunity to:

  • Become part of a large worldwide trade database

  • Have access to limited privileged trade and investment information

  • Obtain credentials to be able to be recognized before high level executives and governmental institutions worldwide

  • Receive first hand new business opportunities or present your own opportunities to other members

  • Participate in many international symposiums, trade shows and events



The “Blue Eagle Global” members will receive the following credentials:


  • Official Diploma as a Blue Eagle Member

  • Official Blue Eagle International Trade and Investment Passport

  • Official Blue Eagle Lapel Pin

  • Official Membership Letter from the President & C.E.O.

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